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Welcome to the Flamenco Guitar Podcast!

Discover the cultural heritage of flamenco, and  explore the flamenco guitar in a way never done before in a podcast with your host Ben Stubbs of Flamenco4U.

Sep 20, 2021

In this video lesson for the flamenco guitar, one of our supporters, Yolanda, asks a really good question about the pulgar (thumb), and what to do with it when you are playing in E major. 

Quite often, we tend to rest our thumb on the E string (sixth string) when playing falsetas and chords, but sometimes our thumb can get in the way when we need to strum the sixth string. So, in this lesson, I will show you exactly how to solve this problem! 

🎸TABs 🎼 + Backing Tracks for this lesson:
My Flamenco Arpeggios Mini-Course: