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Welcome to the Flamenco Guitar Podcast!

Discover the cultural heritage of flamenco, and  explore the flamenco guitar in a way never done before in a podcast with your host Ben Stubbs of Flamenco4U.

Jun 26, 2022

You may have heard the beautiful guitar intro for the 2000 hit song performed by Toni Braxton, “Spanish Guitar.” This solo was performed by renowned studio guitarist, Dean Parks. Although Parks played this solo with a pick, I am going to show you how to play it with your fingers while using common flamenco guitar...

Jun 19, 2022

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🔥My Flamenco Arpeggios Mini-Course: This lesson is set to be an exciting one…and an interesting one too! What you will learn in this lesson...

Jun 12, 2022

Would you like me to show you how to get faster picado technique on the flamenco guitar? …Particularly in the fast picado section of “Entre Dos Aguas”? After completing this lesson, you’ll see the exact method I use to achieve faster picado on the flamenco guitar.

The late, great, Paco de Lucía’s “Entre Dos...

Jun 5, 2022

I’m very excited to share with you this mega-ultra-awesome flamenco/Spanish guitar scale in E minor, which is so intense that it will give you HULK HANDS after you’ve mastered it!

What’s this scale called? Well, I call it the “Escala de Gerardo” (Gerardo’s Scale), because I always heard that it was written...

Jun 1, 2022

In this lesson, I want to show you a very popular falseta for the compás of Soleares; it’s a rather basic falseta—that is, “basic” to the extent that its a falseta that most flamenco guitar players learn when they are first learning Soleares; it’s also basic in the sense that its a bit of a stock falseta, but...