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Welcome to the Flamenco Guitar Podcast!

Discover the cultural heritage of flamenco, and  explore the flamenco guitar in a way never done before in a podcast with your host Ben Stubbs of Flamenco4U.

May 6, 2021

This is the second installment of our multi-part series on “How to Play Entre Dos Aguas,” I will show you how to play the second rhythm guitar part. If you’ve already watched Lesson #1 for this series, you might notice that the first half of the song—as far as the chords and right-hand strumming patterns are concerned—is quite different than the first rhythm guitar part.

For this second rhythm guitar part, I will show you how to execute a palm-mute rhythm technique on the fourth-beat—don’t know what exactly I’m talking about? Don’t fret (pun intended)! Just watch this helpful tutorial to see the step-by-step instructions on how to play this really cool rumba flamenca rhythm!

Now, as for the second half of the song, it should sound quite familiar to you if you’ve already reviewed the first rhythm guitar part, because it’s virtually the same, just with some differentiating nuances.

Don’t forget to download your TABs and standard notation to follow along!

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