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Welcome to the Flamenco Guitar Podcast!

Discover the cultural heritage of flamenco, and  explore the flamenco guitar in a way never done before in a podcast with your host Ben Stubbs of Flamenco4U.

Jan 3, 2022

Alzapua is a technique for the flamenco guitar that a lot of players ask about; and rightly so…it’s a pretty cool technique! I mean, when you listen to it for the first time, you’d swear that you’re hearing the work of at least two fingers, but no…alzapua is done with just and upward and downward movement of the thumb!

In this two-part lesson, I’ll show you how to do alzapua within the compás (rhythm/song form) of Alegrías. This first lesson is at the beginner-level, so if you are new to the flamenco guitar, this lesson will be right up your alley! I hope you enjoy!

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