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Welcome to the Flamenco Guitar Podcast!

Discover the cultural heritage of flamenco, and  explore the flamenco guitar in a way never done before in a podcast with your host Ben Stubbs of Flamenco4U.

Aug 28, 2022

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You’ve probably heard this iconic falseta (flamenco riff) for the malagueña before; in fact, you may already know some iteration of it. It seems like—at least in my experience—that when someone is asked to play something “Spanish-sounding” on the guitar, this is the go-to falseta for the average player (and that’s perfectly fine!).

…But, I want more for you! I want you to really get the essence of this particular falseta by learning the basic resting thumb pattern well, so that I can show you how to add some arpeggios and even a tremolo to this falseta.

In this lesson guide, you will be introduced to five variations of the falseta, which will increase in difficulty as you progress through each level. After learning these variations, you will not only enjoy how they sound, but other’s will too; so that the next time someone asks you to play some “flamenco guitar,” you’ll really be able to catch their ear, and hopefully also catch…el duende! ¡Olé!


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